On the occassion of the ‘Breizh Algae Tour’, Bureau Bretagne assisted the Olmix Group in its press relations with Dutch language media, both general and special interest. The objectif of the press conference was to create more awareness on the more and more important topic of a healthy food chain.

The Breizh Algae Tour 2016 took place in Amsterdam from 13-17 November. This edition the conferences and workshops were all organised around the concept ‘One Health’. The Olmix programme makes it possible to grow plants, raise animals and process food without pesticides, antibiotics and chemical additives thanks to its algae technology and its unique active molecules: the MSPs (marine sulfated polysaccharides).

Dr Martin Scholten, General Director Animal & Marine Sciences, Wageningen University & Research, the Netherlands, kicked off the morning session by talking about the undiscovered nexus between livestock and seaweed production. Click here for full speech.

Dr Thomas P. Van Boeckel, postdoctoral research fellow at ETH Zurich (Switzerland) gave an overview of the antibiotics use in feed and the related antibiotic resistance. For his full speech, click here.